AC Repair Services in Sylacauga, AL

Alabama summers can get unbearably warm, especially if an individual experiences a breakdown of their air conditioning unit. Professional Cooling Services, like those offered by Climate Crafters, are readily available to restore a home’s climate quickly and efficiently. Whether the issue resides in the outdoor condenser or indoor evaporator units, a trained technician can get to the root of the problem and complete repairs without causing the customer to suffer through the heat for longer than necessary.

A Team Dedicated to Saving Their Customers Money

There are a lot of things that can cause an air conditioning unit to malfunction. The team at Climate Crafters is always willing to guide a homeowner with some simple tests to perform via the phone before they visit. This can include checking the breaker status, restarting the thermostat, or shutting off power to the unit for a short period. If these tests work, they can save an individual the expense of a service visit and allow the technician to concentrate on customers with more severe issues.

Every AC Malfunction Receives a Thorough Inspection

If a phone call can’t solve the issue, the technician will schedule an appointment to inspect the problem firsthand. Common AC Repair Services include checking for a refrigerant leak, ensuring the compressor is functioning, looking for any loose or damaged electrical connections, testing the circuit breaker, inspecting the coils, and analyzing the response of the thermostat. In some cases, the damage may be more extensive and could require the installation of a new unit, but the technicians will not recommend that step unless it’s essential.

Aging AC Units Can Be More Trouble Than They’re Worth

Another problem homeowners inevitably run into is an AC unit that is too old. These systems get to a point where they can no longer keep the air sufficiently cool and run continuously to meet the setting of the thermostat. Homeowners will notice that their home never feels quite cold enough. They’ll also hear the unit running non-stop, notice that the air from the registers is not as cold as it should be, and eventually see a much higher utility bill. In some instances, repair work can resolve the issue for a short period, but the cost of constant repairs quickly adds up, making it much more economical to consider a replacement unit.

Providing Detailed Information on the Proposed Project For Free

Paying for a significant AC repair or system replacement can be quite stressful for many homeowners. Fortunately, Climate Crafters offers a free estimate service that gives customers up-front pricing with total transparency. The technician will evaluate the size of the home and energy demands to determine which air conditioning model will provide the best cooling efficiency and how much labor will be involved.

They then discuss the estimate in detail with the customer, explaining the costs associated with all the labor and materials required. Once the estimate is finalized, no additional fees will be added to it, regardless of any unforeseen hurdles that pop up along the way. This service allows homeowners to look at all available options before committing to any work they feel they cannot afford.

Customer Financial Assistance is Available for Any Major Investments

If a homeowner is still unsure about the cost of a project, even after the estimate process, they can look into the financing option that Climate Crafters offers. The company works with a financing organization to provide an interest rate that keeps the cost affordable through monthly payments. For an even better rate, the customer can submit a sizable down payment to reduce the overall cost and the amount due each month.

Routine Maintenance Plans are Both Financially and Mechanically Beneficial

A great way to avoid unexpected repairs involves scheduling seasonal maintenance at least twice a year. Shortly before the summer and winter months, a technician will visit to inspect the indoor and outdoor components of the system. They will remove any accumulated dirt and debris, lubricate all moving parts, replace the filter, test the thermostat, top off the refrigerant, and confirm the temperature accuracy of the forced air. The process extends the life of the HVAC system and helps prevent malfunctions that would occur due to constant usage.

A Trusted Name in the Heating and Cooling Industry

Since 2006, Climate Crafters has provided the residents of Sylacauga, AL, and the surrounding area with expert air handling service. The family-owned business strives to provide homeowners with quality service and has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its efforts. Their factory-trained technicians are drug tested and screened to ensure the safety of the clientele and the precision of their craftsmanship. All work is guaranteed, and no surprise fees will arise if a technician needs to return to make modifications to ensure complete customer satisfaction.