Electrical Panel Services in Sylacauga, AL

Electrical panels are often designed to look unobtrusive, and they’re typically found in out-of-the-way places. These two facts lead some homeowners to assume they aren’t important. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Electrical panels are arguably the most important components of all home electrical systems.

What Are Electrical Panels?

Electrical panels, also called breaker boxes, process 100% of the electricity that enters a home from the municipal grid. They take the power and send it to different electrical circuits throughout the home, each of which is represented by a circuit breaker in the box. Should anything happen that overloads a given circuit, the breaker will trip and turn off power to prevent damage to sensitive fixtures, appliances, and devices. Without an electrical panel, there would be no way to safely power modern homes.

Electrical Panel Repair Services

Like all components in a home’s electrical system, the breaker box may eventually malfunction and need repairs. The most common problem requiring electrical panel repair is addressing overloaded or damaged circuit breakers. There’s no way to repair individual breakers, which means replacing them is the only viable solution when an issue develops.

Signs it’s time to schedule electrical panel repair services can include frequent power overloads to individual circuits and breakers that feel hot to the touch or smell like they are burning. If either of these two issues comes up, consider it an emergency and call to schedule breaker replacement services right away.

Not all panel repairs are emergencies. Problems with overloaded circuits can usually be caught before they put families in danger. Look for signs like constantly tripping circuit breakers, flickering lights, and appliances that don’t run properly. These are all signs that an additional circuit may be required to accommodate the full range of fixtures, appliances, and devices found in the home.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Sometimes, just repairing individual circuits and replacing breakers isn’t enough to help an aging electrical panel keep up with modern demands. The problem is that, when many of today’s houses were built, families’ electrical demands were much lower as a result of using far fewer appliances and devices. Although today’s electrical devices are much more energy efficient than those of even a few decades past, people rely on them much more than they used to.

Sometimes, there simply aren’t enough electrical circuits to accommodate new appliances or devices. In others, the existing circuits are getting overloaded. In either case, homeowners will need to schedule panel upgrade services.

Electrical Panel Replacements

Not all electrical panel replacements occur as a result of pre-planned upgrades. Certain circumstances call for an immediate call to schedule panel replacement services. They include:

  • Heat coming from inside the electrical panel.
  • Audible crackling noises coming from the breaker box.
  • Rusted circuit breakers.
  • Overheating conductors.
  • Use of a rag riser rather than conduit.
  • The service wires are less than 12’6″ from the ground.
  • The panel was made by Federal Pacific.
  • The breakers are different colors.

All of these issues can indicate serious safety concerns, many of which occur as a result of old, outdated breaker box technologies like breakers that allow a longer overcurrent period before tripping and wires that are exposed or at risk of damage as a result of the panel design. Any Federal Pacific panel should be replaced regardless of its age. The company is known for manufacturing panels with overheating bus bars, which is a serious fire hazard. Have it replaced right away and be prepared to call for emergency Electrical Services in the meantime.

The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Electrician

Electrical panels handle an incredible amount of power, and they play an essential role in protecting the home’s sensitive electronics, appliances, and fixtures from damage. Hiring a professional, licensed electrician is a must whenever homeowners want to replace circuit breakers or upgrade their electrical panels for a few key reasons.

  • Improper repairs and installations can create a fire risk.
  • Carelessly installed breakers can lead to electrical surges that damage a home’s electronics and appliances.
  • Circuit breakers must be installed up to code.
  • Licensed electricians know how to make repairs correctly.

Whether homeowners need to have new circuits installed so that they can accommodate more advanced kitchen appliances or want to upgrade panels to address safety concerns or provide sufficient power for all of a family’s devices, a licensed electrician can help.

Schedule an Inspection

Not sure if the home’s electrical panel needs to be repaired or replaced? The best thing to do is to schedule an inspection by a licensed electrician. Climate Crafters now makes it easy for homeowners to get the help they need by offering a full range of electrical work alongside our HVAC services. Call (205) 281-7235 today to schedule an inspection.