Lighting Repair Services in Sylacauga, AL

Lighting is necessary for safety, security, and beauty in a home. When lighting issues occur, you need our expert Electrical Services. Unfortunately, lighting issues are not always easy to find. You could have problems that are challenging to pinpoint or even repair. Call us today to schedule your repair appointment. We will come out right away and find the problem so your lighting is working properly again.

Signs You Need Lighting Repair

While some signs of lighting problems are obvious, there are others that are more subtle. You should never take lighting repairs into your own hands with a DIY approach because problems could arise. If you notice any of the following, give us a call right away to schedule your appointment.

Should you notice cracked or bent wiring, you should contact us right away. Damaged wiring can produce fire risks that should never be ignored. We urge you to disconnect the light and seek repair services right away.

Rusty light fixtures should never be ignored because they signal moisture damage. If you see rust, this could mean the light fixture is unsafe for use. Moisture and electricity never mix.

While it may seem obvious when your light bulb will not turn on, try changing the bulb first. If it still does not work, there are underlying problems that need repairs.

If you touch the surface of the light and get an electric shock or feel a buzz, this means there is a wiring problem that needs to be addressed right away. Do not wait to seek repairs.

Residential Lighting Repair

Your home’s lighting is essential for every aspect of your home. Lights provide security, beauty, curb appeal, and safety. When something goes wrong with your lighting system, your home can be thrown into darkness.

Allow us to come out and take care of all your lighting needs. We offer extensive lighting repair, no matter the size of the problem. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Commercial Lighting Repair

Commercial lighting must be treated differently than residential lighting, or problems will begin to ensue. Our lighting repair company offers the services you need when you need them most. We will take care of all your lighting repair needs and ensure your lights are up and running again safely and effectively.

Replacing a Light Switch

It may seem simple to replace a light switch, but issues can arise if the steps are carried out inappropriately. Light switch issues are one of the most common reasons for lighting failure. We offer the fairest prices in town and will work to ensure your needs are met in their entirety. The cost of replacing a light switch will vary based on the following:

The condition of your existing wires will have a great impact on the cost of repair. Outdating wiring would need to be replaced which would increase the cost of the repair job.

The type of switch plate will also determine the cost of the repair. Larger and more advanced switch plates, such as those with light dimmers, will naturally cost more.

We offer upfront and transparent pricing so our customers do not have to worry about hidden costs. You can rest assured our electrical services will keep your home’s electricity system working safely and effectively.

Call Us For All Your Lighting Repair Needs

Lighting issues can present more than a simple irritation. When lighting issues arise, there could also be dangers, such as electric shock. We urge you to avoid taking a DIY approach to lighting repair. Rely on our expert technicians to ensure the work is done correctly each and every time.

If you have lighting problems, we have the solution. We will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a repair appointment today. You can also call us with all your electrical needs, no matter how big or small. Relying on our expert services ensures your lights and electric system are operating safely.

Climate Crafters is your number-one destination for lighting repairs, installations, and maintenance. We handle any issues with your lighting system and ensure it works properly. We have been providing lighting services to homeowners in Sylacauga, Alabama since 2006.