AC Tune-Up in Sylacauga, AL

Alabama summers can be brutal, with most days rising over 90 degrees. Most Alabama residents would agree that air conditioners are essential. Unfortunately, air conditioners do not last forever. Keeping the air conditioner working efficiently is essential. Call us today for expert AC services. We will keep AC systems working effectively so your family stays cool and comfortable during the hot summers in Alabama.

If an air conditioner is no longer functioning like it once did, it may require our Cooling Services. We urge you to contact us right away to schedule an appointment. We will take care of all AC maintenance needs.

What Is an Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

Have you ever had an AC tune-up before? Without maintenance, air conditioners are more likely to break down. Our AC tune-up involves the following steps that are meant to keep AC units working effectively and efficiently without worry.

  • We will check the thermostat for any signs of problems and make sure it is calibrated properly as a part of our cooling services.
  • We will change the filter or clean it according to your needs.
  • Our technician will check the motor speed and perform testing to ensure it is working appropriately.
  • We will also check the capacitors to make sure they are not failing and do not need replacing.
  • We will fully inspect the heat exchanger for any signs of damage or malfunction.
  • Our team will check all wiring for signs of damage or failing connections.
  • We will check safety devices to make sure they are not failing.
  • An air conditioning tune-up includes a check for gas leaks.
  • We will check refrigerant levels to ensure they do not need a charge.
  • We will inspect every moving component and lubricate these parts to keep them from wear and tear.
  • We will check and clear out all lines, making sure they are not clogged.
  • Our technicians will also inspect the refrigerant lines for signs of damage.
  • We will inspect the service ports and valves for signs of damage.

The above are just some of the tasks we carry out when working on an air conditioner. It is our goal to check every component and ensure the system is operating safely and efficiently. If we discover any signs of problems, we will report them right away and offer repairs.

Signs An Air Conditioner Needs a Tune-Up

If it has been a long time since you had an air conditioner check, it is time to schedule one. If you notice any of the following signs, it is past time to call us and schedule a maintenance appointment. Do not ignore these warning signs coming from your air conditioner.

  • Are weird noises coming from the system? Strange noises often mean there are loose or failing parts that need attention.
  • Are electric bills suddenly rising without warning? Maintenance can keep those bills lower.
  • Does the system short cycle? If so, you need an AC Tune-Up in Sylacauga, AL.
  • Is there pooling water around the unit? Leaks can be prevented with routine maintenance.
  • What about high humidity levels? These are often caused by a lack of maintenance.
  • Are bad odors coming from the AC unit? Does the home smell musty? Call us for maintenance today.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we urge you to call us for maintenance today. Schedule an annual air conditioner maintenance appointment to keep a cooling system operating safely and efficiently.

What Are the Benefits of These Services?

  • The system will operate more efficiently.
  • Energy bills are likely to decrease.
  • You will experience fewer AC repair issues.
  • The home will be more comfortable during the summer.
  • The cooling system will last longer.

Call Us For AC Maintenance Today

When is the last time your air conditioner received maintenance services? Here at Climate Crafters, we are committed to ensuring homes stay comfortable all year long. Our extensive HVAC services take care of heating and cooling systems, so you do not have to worry.

A tune-up will help your system operate more effectively and efficiently. The best time to schedule a maintenance appointment is during early spring before you need to cut the unit on for the warmer months. Allow us to take care of all HVAC needs, no matter how big or small. We are the HVAC experts customers can rely on for fair prices and excellent customer service.

Climate Crafters is a hometown HVAC business specializing in installations, maintenance, and repairs. We put our customers first, ensuring they are 100% happy with our services. No job is too big or small for our experienced HVAC technicians.