Service Entrance Services in Sylacauga, AL

In some of Sylacauga’s newer neighborhoods, electrical lines are underground. For many areas, however, power lines remain overhead. If your area is serviced by overhead lines, you likely have a service drop on the property.

A service drop, which is sometimes called a service entrance, is a group of cables that connect a home to a utility-owned power pole. The service drop is named because it drops from an overhead power location, to a lower connection point on the home. If you can’t find a service drop near your home, power is supplied by a similar underground setup. We’ve provided service drop installation and other Electrical Services for years, and we’d like to put our experience to work for your family. Get in touch with us today!

Our Service Entrance Installers and Repair Technicians Keep the Power Flowing

A standard service drop is made up of three cables, which are known as conductors. Of the three cables, two are insulated and carry 120 volts, while a third uninsulated aluminum cable serves as a neutral conductor and a structural support.

The service entrances we install supply power to Sylacauga’s homes. If they fail during a windstorm or for any other reason, the entire home will lose power. When damage occurs, call the utility company, and then get in touch with us. Don’t try to fix it yourself!

Service Heads and Service Points

When a service drop reaches one of Sylacauga’s homes, it connects to a service head. Also referred to as a masthead, a service head is typically made of a strong steel pipe that comes up along an outside wall or through a home’s roof. The pipe is capped by a weatherhead, which keeps rainwater from coming in.

The bottom end of the masthead connects to the home’s breaker box or electrical service panel. An additional set of cables runs from the panel and the electric meter up through the service head, connecting to nearby lines. Known as the service point, this is where the homeowner’s responsibility begins and ends.

Service Entrance Repairs

Sylacauga homeowners are legally barred from working on service drop parts that belong to the utility company, and only the utility can cut power from that side. Property owners should not, under any circumstances, try to repair the lines between the service entrance and their electrical panels. These lines should be treated as live unless the utility shuts off the power, and the failure to do so will increase the risk of electric shock.

If there are issues with your home’s service drop, call the local utility company first. When there are problems with the lines between the service entrance and the panel itself, we can help. Call today to learn more about our service entrance services.

Power Disconnection

To make it easier to cut power from outside the home, we can install a quick disconnect below the power meter. This component serves an important purpose: it allows a fast and complete shutdown of electrical current during a house fire or other emergency. The disconnect can be activated from outside, which allows first responders to put out fires without the risk of shock.

Underground Electrical Lines

While overhead service entrances have been used for decades, newer residential areas typically have buried service lines. When electrical cables are underground, they’re known as service laterals instead of service drops. Underground lines are now preferred due to their resistance to damage from the elements, and they’re also safer and more aesthetically pleasing for Sylacauga’s homeowners.

Despite their many benefits, buried power lines aren’t without their risks. Homeowners, contractors, and utility workers may accidentally cut service laterals, and the repair and replacement of these lines is time-consuming and costly.


We also provide electrical inspection services, where a licensed electrician evaluates the condition, age, and installation quality of wires entering a home. Overhead wiring shouldn’t come too close to the house or the driveway, and all wires should be properly secured and covered by conduit. During the inspection, we’ll find the ground cable and spike to ensure that the system is correctly grounded.

During the process, our inspector may find safety hazards such as improper exterior wiring or extension cord use. While many homeowners install wiring to exterior outlets, pools, and sheds, it’s not a good idea to turn these jobs into DIY tasks. Call today for electrical inspection and installation services.

Don’t Touch the Wires!

If you have questions or concerns about home electrical service entrances, we are here to help. At Climate Crafters, we’re committed to keeping Sylacauga’s homeowners safe by providing the area’s most reliable electrical repair and installation services. Call now to schedule an in-home evaluation.